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Twin Falls Child Custody Lawyer

Protect the Best Interests of Your Children

When a divorce involves children, it must be decided which parent or parents have custody of the child after the parents go their separate ways. Idaho family courts make decisions based on the best interests of the child, which results in joint custody more often than sole custody. Factors involved in deciding custody include, but are not limited to:

  • The wishes of the child's parent or parents as to his or her custody
  • The wishes of the child as to his or her custodian
  • The interaction and interrelationship of the child with his or her parent or parents and his or her siblings
  • The child's adjustment to his or her home, school, and community
  • The character and circumstances of all individuals involved
  • The need to promote continuity and stability in the life of the child
  • Domestic violence as defined in the Idaho Statutes

How to Win Custody in Idaho

Many parenting agreements can be decided between the two parents and presented to a judge to be approved and entered. When two parents cannot agree on custody, a family law judge must make the decision for them. Each party will argue his or her case before a judge who will then issue a child custody order, as well as a visitation order if only one parent is granted custody. A Twin Falls family law attorney from Roy, Nielson, Barini-García & Platts can help you present a strong case to prove that your child's interests are best served with you having custody.

Hire a Child Custody Attorney in Twin Falls, ID

Roy, Nielson, Barini-García & Platts has experience with the most complex family law cases, including litigation for contested child custody cases. Our attorneys provide excellent and cost-effective representation and keep your best interests and those of your child in mind. We always strive to meet the needs and goals of each client and to resolve their legal matters as quickly as possible. Contact us today!


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