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Twin Falls Divorce Attorney

Do you need to make a modification to your existing court order?

As time passes, circumstances in life are bound to change. When they do, they can often interfere with court orders that were issued in a divorce or other family law case. Being unable to comply with a court order because of your change in circumstances can be problematic and can place you in danger of being charged with contempt of court. Fortunately, Idaho family court has provided a means of resolving the issue by allowing individuals to request modifications of court orders.

Modifications of Child Custody & Support

Are you required to pay child support but have lost your job or suffered from some other change in your financial situation? You can request to have your support order modified so that you can afford your payments again. Failure to meet the requirements of your support order or inform the court of your change in circumstance could result in enforcement proceedings and possible criminal charges.

Child custody orders can also be modified for various reasons. Perhaps you believe that the other parent is not upholding his or her duties to care for the child or is placing your child in danger. If so, you could request to have your joint custody order modified so that you have sole custody. You can also have a custody or visitation order modified so that you can relocate with your child and not violate the other parent's rights to custody or visitation.

Speak with a Family Lawyer in Twin Falls, ID

Roy, Nielson, Barini-García & Platts can help you submit a request to have your court order modified. You need a skilled Twin Falls attorney by your side to make sure that you receive the modification that you need and that you are not penalized for violating a court order due to circumstances outside of your control. Contact our firm as soon as possible to speak directly with an attorney through an initial case evaluation.


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